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Efest Battery Imr 18650

Efest Battery Imr 18650

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A new type of high-quality battery cell from Efest, the leading producer of batteries. This high-current battery is ideal for a wide range of GRIPs and MODs, especially for sub-ohm tanks. The continuous discharge current is 20A, maximum discharge current is 35A.

Due to a safe IMR chemistry there is no protection circuitry added or built in, therefore we recommend not to discharge the battery below 2.5V, this would greatly reduce the life of the entire battery.

Pack of two powerful batteries that fits into many GRIPs and MODs.

Fully charge the battery before first use.
Carry the batteries in a case.
Do not carry the batteries in your pockets with keys or coins, it could cause a short circuit, destroy the battery and injure you.

Type: 18650
Nominal capacity: 3000mAh
Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Full charge votage: 4.2V
Maximum charge current: 4A
Standard charge current: 2A
Continuous discharge current: 20A
Maximum discharge current: 35A
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