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Gummy Glu - Lost Art E-Juice (3mg/60 ml)

Gummy Glu - Lost Art E-Juice (3mg/60 ml)

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Gummy Glu - Lost Art E-Juice (60 ml)

When an e-juice is as popular as Gummy Glu, there is always a reason. This masterpiece is genuinely mouthwatering, and delivers a burst of flavor that will make you want to jump out of your seat and dance! As with all of Lost Art Liquids e-juices, Gummy Gu is made with only the very best USA ingredients, making it as premium in quality as it is delicious in taste.

Gummy Glu E-Juice by Lost Art Liquids takes your favorite sweet and sour gummy candies and liquefies it into a phenomenal e-juice. Absolutely tantalizing, this one-of-a-kind e-liquid will have you falling in love at first vape!

What;s most impressive about Gummy Glu is Lost Art's ability to so accurately represent the flavor of authentic sweet and sour gummy candies. The gifted artisans who formulated this masterpiece did a splendid job balanced the sweet and sour notes, making it an absolute delight to vape.

If you enjoy candy-flavored e-juices and are looking for something that will blow you away, look no further--Gummy Glu by Lost Art Liquids is the perfect choice for you!

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